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The Reading Room

Welcome to The Reading Room, a captivating and intimate creative haven, where the magic of art comes to life! This space is the cherished domain of Chicago-based artists Ajani Akinade and Pilar Audain, both proud descendants of Creole and Caribbean ancestry. Within these walls, creative expression knows no bounds. Pilar's presence at The Reading Room extends beyond her artistry. She has dedicated a portion of her heart and soul to her nonprofit organization, the Wrap Your beYOUty Movement. Through this initiative, she offers spiritual guidance, life coaching, and mentorship to the incredible women residing in the vibrant communities of Chicago's South and West sides. Ajani, a former student of the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago, adds his unique touch to this creative tapestry. As a resident fine artist, graphic designer, and photographer, he works closely with Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation - Greater Chicago (TRHT) and The Chicago Community Trust (CCT). His lens captures the stories that need to be told. Together, Ajani and Pilar weave their creative energies, producing not only art but also artifacts and altars that hold the essence of their heritage and experiences. Amidst this artistic journey, Pilar finds time to host coaching and meditation sessions, nurturing the spirits of her clients within the cozy confines of The Reading Room. This haven is more than just a space; it's a testament to the power of creativity, healing, and community. In The Reading Room, stories are woven, spirits are nurtured, and art comes to life.

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Our Signature Aesthetic

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