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Sacred Jewels...

Visit Vintage Kreative Souls by Pilar:

Peace & Blesssings,

From spiritual amulets to waist beads to ilekes, I create with the beauty of natural skin in mind. I create adornments that embellish the temple, uplift our vibrations and soothe the soul...the kreative soul. 

Since the closing of my physical boutique to raise my babies and the opening of Kreative Souls by, my personal creations have taken on a life and purpose of their own...GOD-thru-me. 

I create by inspiration and encourage my clients to visualize their sacred pieces, and then allow me to bring their divine vision to LIFE. Meditate on your vibration, then peruse my list of sacred semiprecious stones here

From my hands and heart to you, everything I create is made with love and divine intention.

Interested in a Kreative Soul Kreation? Inquire within and let me know your thoughts below at: 



Inspired  by  GOD

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